Home Production

It all begins with your thoughts, wishes and dreams and ends with their realization: a custom built Maori Yacht like no other.

You select from proposals developed according to your ideas by our best  designers.

Your yacht is then built at one of our shipyards – each specialized in a specific size of vessel – by highly skilled Maori Yacht craftspeople, naval architects, technicians and specialized engineers.


Since the production of the first Maori 50, Maori Yacht has extended its range with the Maori 30, the Maori 37, the Maori 52, the Maori 52 GTRS,  and the Maori 78 in three versions.
Two brand new models will join the family in 2016-2017, the Maori 54 and the Maori 62.

Recently, the Design&Projects department of our shipyard has engendered four important projects: the 90ft, the 120ft, the 135ft, and a huge explorer of 45 meters.

These last pieces are the symbol of an important step in the story of Maori Yacht shipyard, and it is also the clear proof of the fact that we have always been focused on the research and development of new ideas.