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Axe bow, very striving lines with an axe deck flare and a change in the wall’s slope that plays with the back of the deck house as if it is curved by the wind; the engine long and horizontal exhaust pipes remind the scrambler s’ silencers – Steve McQueen’s favourite motorbikes-.

This future project, developed by Ken Freigvokh Design and Marco Ciampa, has been engendered in the shipyard operational base. The main deck has several areas dedicated to sunbathing, even in the astern cockpit. There is also a day cabin below which can be turned into a dinette.


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General characteristics
Length overall
15,40 mt
Length waterline
13,50 mt
Beam max(Fenders include)
4,00 mt

0,80 mt

10,00 tons
Navigation category CE 94/25
N°passenger (crew included)
Fuel tank
2 x 500 lt
Water tank
300 lt
2 x 560 hp ftp
Surface propeller Jolly
Max Speed
42 kn
Cruising Speed
32 kn
Range at cruising speed
210 / 240 nm