Home History

At the beginning  Maori Yacht produced 50-foot luxury tenders which, step by step, have achieved resounding success all-over the world, thanks to their amazing performances in the sea and also to wide possibilities of customization. This have paved the way to the creation and commercialization of the entire range of Maori boats.

Up to now, Maori Yacht has produced the 30-37-50-52-63-78ft models, and two new models, Maori 54ft and Maori 62ft are going to be produced in the two-year period 2016-2017.

Maori Yacht ambitions do not stop growing : Maori shipyard has started thinking about the production of mega-Yacht, as her founder holds the know-how and original ideas to allow ship owners to reduce the crew and management costs of the 50%.

Maori Yacht boasts a clientele of the highest level. The luxury production of the shipyard has achieved great success in particular among Russian clientele.

“each client looks for a completely different ship in order to get distinguished from the mass, this is the reason why customers charge the shipyard with the personalization of the ship in the smallest details. For such a need, they are often keen on spending any amount of money in order to obtain the result they wish”- Mr Chimenti underlines.

Considering the high growth potential of Maori Yacht, next step towards the expansion of the brand is the complete internationalization. For this reason in 2015 the shipyard invested over 200 thousands euros to promote its own product on specialized international magazines like Yacht Russia, Boat International, Superyacht World,  and the exclusive magazine INVICTUS. Moreover the shipyard boasts its habitual participation to the most important boat shows like Monaco, Miami and Cannes.

Next targets of commercial expansion are:

Base in Monte Carlo for the development of commercial and marketing activities in the south of France and in the Balearic Islands;

Creation of a base in Saint Tropez;

Development of Maori brand in Arabian countries, and creation of a commercial and operational base there;

In the USA Maori Yacht has gained fame in the best way: taking part to Ft Lauederdale Show (2015) and to Miami show it has raised a lot of interest from the media, and has opened the doors to potential dealers all over the United States and South America.

Russia: Maori is closing an agreement of dealership in Russia for the distribution of Maori Yacht there.