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Striving lines, avant-guarde design, varied possibilities of customization, the constant research of new shapes and ideas, everything is engendered here in the key-sector of Maori Yacht: the sector design &project.

This sector, which boasts many important partnerships such as Nauta Design and Ken Freigvokh, is totally autonomous. This has granted Maori Yacht a strong personality, and the possibility of wide spaces of creativity under this phase.

The outcomes of this sector make unique and exclusive every ship of Maori Yacht.

The architect Marco Ciampa leads this sector together with a team of engineers and project managers: they create and take care -in the smallest details- of the spirit and the aspect of the entire Maori Yacht range of product.

In 2013, the World Yacht Trophies prized Maori 78ft “Best Design up to 24 meters” . this is the clear evidence of the fact that Maori has been able to impose its own style in the nautical field.